Patch Notes (v5.6): Ender Islands: /is level 51-55, Cocoa Beans, Endermen and Emerald!

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

You're all doing amazing and we're almost peaking at the first /is level 50s coming up soon! This week we've got some awesome expansions once you hit /is level 50, as well as the usual QoL additions and Community Suggestions!

Ender Islands
Slot Bot Changes
CosmicClient Updates
Auto Sell Bot Rebalance
/filter Additions
Auto Replant with /roles
Dead Zone Deathban
QoL and Bug Fixes
40% OFF Sale
Introducing: Ender Islands!
The next challenge for you all to sink your teeth into... The mysterious Ender Islands...

What are the Ender Islands?
Ender Islands are the new, exciting new island expansion that opens when the first island hits /is level 50! These islands will be available as an addition to the current island you have got!

  • Once the first island hits /is level 50, any island from /is level 45 will be able to gain access to the Ender Islands by being able to place and light an End Portal
  • To gain access to the Ender Islands you must build an End Portal
    • This is made of 12 End Portal Frames and 12 Eye of Enders
  • It will cost 4 tokens to unlock the ability to place and light an End Portal
  • /help ender will give more information in-game

You can purchase the End Portal Frames from the Science /shop for 50 Gold Blocks each
  • There must be at least 1 island that has reached /is level 50 to enable you to purchase
Eye of Enders will be available through different /events in-game
  • Once the first island reaches /is level 50, the Eye of Enders will automatically be added to the loot tables!
    • This can be from the Demonic Realm boss, Dead Zone, Slot Bot, BAH, KOTH... as well as other places!

What's new with Ender Islands?
Well, we've asked before for ideas of what to fill Chorus Fruit with as a crop... and the most popular suggestion is here, along with a couple of /is skill friends!

There are pre-requisites for unlocking the new /is skills to be able to place - you need to reach a certain number of crops grown, mobs slain and nodes mined!

Cocoa Beans - /is farming
Enderman Spawners - /is slayer
Emerald Ore - /is mining
Island Upgrades
Obviously, with these new /is skill additions, you're going to need to unlock those as well - so they've been added to the /is upgrade menu!

Island Components
This allows the placement of the End Portal Frames, and the Eyes of Ender into them​
  • Once the first island has leveled up to /is level 50, all other islands will be able to place the End Portal Frames, and light it!
Mob Spawners
  • This grants you the ability to place Endermen Spawners
    • Once the first island hits /is level 50, you will be able to place these at /is level 45!
Resource Nodes
  • This grants you the ability to place Emerald Ore Nodes
    • Once the first island hits /is level 50, you will be able to place at /is level 45!

Player Roles
With these new skills, we have new /player roles!

To enable you to plant Cocoa Beans, you have to first gain /player roles in previous crops. You also need to be Player /level 70!​

  • Cocoa Beans I requires Carrot V and level 70 to unlock (2 role points)
  • Cocoa Beans II requires Cocoa Beans I and Beetroot V to unlock
  • Cocoa Beans III requires Cocoa Beans II and Nether Warts V to unlock
  • Cocoa Beans IV requires Cocoa Beans III and Melons V to unlock
  • Cocoa Beans V requires Cocoa Beans IV and Pumpkins V to unlock
The emerald ore is going to be BIG! But you're also going to need to be able to mine it... Your specialty tree has been updated to include this now!​

  • Emerald I (requires level 75, 2 role points)
  • Emerald II (requires level 85, 2 role points)
  • Emerald III (requires level 95, 2 role points)
Whoop whoop, as the Endermans say! Monster Slayer III has had Enderman added so you can get all those juicy drops!​

  • Enderman I (requires level 70, 2 role points)
  • Ghast IV (requires level 75, 2 role points)
  • Enderman II (requires level 80, 2 role points)

What is special about the Ender Islands?
  • They are smaller than your main Skyblock island- so you're going to need to be very conservative with space
    • The starting radius is 8 blocks at /is level 50
    • The largest radius is 32 blocks at /is level 55!
      • The Y-height is 2x the radius, just like on the main Skyblock islands
  • The Ender Islands will boast some amazing, OP benefits - 5x Island XP, 4x Crop Growth, 4x Ore Respawn, and 2x Lucky Mobs
    • You will be able to add your current /is skill items (nodes, spawners, farming) to your Ender Island and they will also gain the additional benefits!
    • You will also be able to purchase more upgrades for your Ender Island in the future...
Lootbox: Ender Islands
Slot Bot Changes
Today we've removed
  • Custom Recipe Book
  • Lootbox: Team Tactics
  • Lootbox: Rules Rule!
  • Mystery Mask Box
And we've added
  • Lootbox: Ender Islands
  • Pot of Gold
  • Random Rage Gem
  • Special Nether Spawner

CosmicClient Updates
We've got another couple of QoL updates this week for the CosmicClient!

Ore Magnet
This has been removed from the Skilling category of the Combat Text. Feedback showed that this was far too spammy for folk!​
Ping Allies
This has been removed from the CosmicClient due to it not currently working on the 1.12.2 version​
Auto Scale Combat Text
When enabled, this feature will scale the size of the Combat Text based on your distance from it.​
NOTE: This is set to OFF by default!​

Auto Sell Bot Rebalance
Science is a huge part of this map - and you all are doing some crazy things with it, which is awesome to see. The Auto Sell bot was distinctly lacking though, so we've given it a decent buff this week which should make it more relevant for you to use!

The sell intervals have been massively reduced!
  • Default: 15 mins
  • Level 1: 12 mins
  • Level 2: 10 mins
  • Level 3: 8 mins
  • Level 4: 7 mins
  • Level 5: 6 mins
  • Level 6: 4 mins
The prices of these haven't changed, so you can Auto Sell to your hearts content!

/filter Additions
Filter Profiles are a big thing, but there were a few things that you guys asked for to be added!

You can now filter:
  • Skulls (Pets, Player heads, masks)
  • Iron Nugget
  • Gold Ore
  • Yellow Dye (Gold Scrap)
  • Glowstone Dust (Unrefined Gold Scraps, Enchantment Dust)
  • Gunpowder (Unrefined Quartz)
Auto Replant with /roles
It's annoying when you have a public farm but someone without the role point to plant the specific crop comes along and breaks it- because it doesn't replant!

Now, when you have the Auto Replant /is upgrade, with your public farms (using permission blocks) players will only be able to break the crops if they have the role point allocated to the specific crop they are breaking!

Dead Zone Deathban
We've heard your many complaints and following logging in LMS cap zone and the increased Chaotic combat logger distance being added.

Now, when you die in the Dead Zone you will be given a 5-minute deathban!

QoL and Bug Fixes
There were a few mid-week updates as follows:
  • Sky Wars
    • There is a chance for bread to drop in the starting island chests, as well as the normal steak!
    • More blocks have been added to the starting chest loot!
    • You will be automatically entered into Team Chat when you are in a Skywars match
  • Dead Zone
    • Huts have had their shard drop chance slightly reduced
    • The Dead Chest was changed from 333 mobs to be killed, to 100... then up to 200 based on community feedback!
  • The "Double Drop" text chat message when mining has been removed
Today sees the following changes:
  • Obsidian has been added to the Auto Bundle Bot
  • Obsidian Fragments have been added to Collection Chests
  • Obsidian has been added to the Auto Mining Bot's blacklist
  • BR maps have had a go through to remove the holes that you all find yourself stuck in
  • Updated the Shiva Ban message to reflect the use of /discord instead of Teamspeak now
  • Mitigated an issue where Nether Huts would spawn inside the Nether Fortresses
40% OFF Sale
We have Ender Island hype, and with that, it comes a fantastic 40% OFF Sale for the weekend across the whole of our server store! Go coo-coo for Cocoa Beans!


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