Patch Notes (v5.8) Item Trackers, Island Token Booster, Fully Grown Crop /toggle

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Well, what an exciting week we've had - we had our very first /is level 50! Congratulations to @stian2004 and all of his buddies who have worked tirelessly to get there (do you guys need some towels?) and now we're just waiting on the first Ender Island to pop up! Keep on, keeping on because this week we have some more amazing updates for you!

Item Trackers
Island Token Booster
2x Island XP Weekend
Collection Chest Auto Buy
Slot Bot Updates
Skywars Updates and New Maps
Fully Grown Crop /toggle
QoL and Bug Fixes
35% OFF Sale

Item Trackers
This map we've had a lot of statistical updates- being able to see how much Island XP you're getting in REAL-TIME, as well as how much Island XP people have contributed is each, week or month! But how many mobs have you killed to get that XP, how many nodes have you grinded, how many sets have you taken? Trackers enable you to see that too!

Weapon Trackers
Applicable to both swords and axes, you can apply trackers for ALL spawner mobs to see exactly how many of each you've killed​

  • Drag and drop the tracker onto your weapon to apply it
    • You can apply multiple trackers to one weapon, however only one of each mob type
    • Get grinding those mobs!
Pickaxe Trackers
You've got your awesome Dwarf Mine pickaxes, but it's gonna be great to flex on others with how many of each node you've mined!​

  • Drag and drop the tracker onto your pickaxe to apply it
    • You can apply multiple trackers to one pickaxe, however only one of each node type
    • Get mining those ores!
Kill Tracker

  • Drag and drop the tracker onto your weapon to apply it
    • Get killing!

Island Token Booster
At the beginning of this map, we did indeed state that you would be able to purchase all of the /is upgrades possible with the Island Tokens that you accrue when leveling up your island. And now we've added Ender Islands, the new /is skill items and the new /is upgrades that isn't the case anymore.

To address these concerns, we've introduced Island Token Boosters.
  • You must be the Island Owner to use these items
  • Right-click the Island Token Booster to apply it to your /is upgrade token amount
  • You are limited to a maximum of 5 Island Token Boosters per island
  • You must be /is level 40 and above to apply these

2x Island XP Weekend
The 24 hours of 2x Island XP last weekend was amazing for you all - and you really took advantage of it! So we're bringing it back this weekend for a whopping 48 hours!

From now (when this has been posted) there will be 48 hours of 2x Island XP! Go mad!

Collection Chest Auto Buy
So you're all wanting every little bit of help you can get to increase the amount of Island XP that you're getting, and the most popular way is opening your island up to the public. There's some pretty hot competition going on with the public warps so we're bringing in a little something to give your island that edge on others

With Collection Chest Auto Buy, you are able to set a buy price for what you're collecting in that chunk - whether it be crops, node resources, gems or mob drops. The key, of course, will be to set your buy price higher than others...
  • Shift Right-click the chest to access the menu to choose what you want to collect
  • Left-click to enable collection on any item, like normal
  • Right-click to set the price to Auto Buy for
    • You will be quit out of the GUI to manually type how much you want to Auto Buy for
  • Shift Right-click on the item to clear the Auto Buy price

You need to load up the Collection Chest with money to be able to pay your workers
  • Withdraw a money note using /withdraw <amount>
  • Open the collection chest and shift-click the money note into the chest
  • The money will be added to the collection chest balance
    • To remove money, mine the Collection Chest, and the money note of the remaining balance will drop with it!
  • When the player works on your island they will receive the money directly into their balance for all they collect, so long as there is enough money to cover this in the chest
    • They will receive a notification in chat with how much they've earnt!
There are some key points to remember, of course:
  • If the chest has been emptied of money, players will no longer get paid
  • If the chest is full, players will no longer get paid
  • If you have a double collection chest you need to load up both sides with money

Lootbox: Full Flex [4 Items]

Slot Bot Updates
Today we've removed
  • Lootbox: Nae Nae
  • Deadzone Bundle
  • Rank Generator
And we've added
  • Lootbox: Full Flex
  • Island Booster Token
  • Random Node Tracker
  • Random Mob Tracker
  • Mystery Mask Box

Skywars Updates and New Maps!
Skywars is awesome and we've made some little changes to it during the week based on feedback from the community
  • The number of eggs and snowballs has been reduced
  • The number of arrows has been reduced
  • Lava is no longer placeable within a 10 block radius of the center
  • If you try and chug Gapples in Skywars, you will receive Golden Apple Sickness
    • If you get Golden Apple sickness, you will no longer receive regeneration
    • The more gapples you eat, the more negative effects you will receive

We've also gone and added 3 new maps to spice things up a bit! It's gonna be random which map you play on!
  • Frozen Stronghold
    An icy stronghold with a level playing field, but watch your step, it's slippery! Your enemies will feel the cold brush of your blade when they die- if they aren't in those hidden caverns under!
  • Infernal Abyss
    A firey and deadly map- descend from the heavens to the hell of the deep center caverns
  • Abandoned Wasteland
    Barren and full of death, with the starting islands being that much closer you're going to feel the pressure with this map!

Fully Grown Crop /toggle
ANOTHER gripe that you guys rightly have, is the ability to toggle whether you can break fully grown crops or not. There is a public farm toggle for it - but not a personal one! Ridiculous, right? Well, fixed.

  • Simply do /toggle and click the last pane, or type /toggle 27
  • When the pane is RED you will NOT be able to break any crops that are not fully grown

QoL and Bug Fixes
  • Cocoa Bean Recipe pages were added to the Bountiful Farm /realm shop. Combine 9 together to create a full Cocoa Bean farming recipe!

  • Obsidian and Emerald drop information was added to the /help crafting menu
  • When trying to craft with NO CRAFT items the first time you will receive a 1.8 popup message and a message in chat explaining about /help crafting and using resource items
  • Added YOU: XXX to /skywars top, at the bottom of the list provided you are within the top 300 placed!
  • You are now required to be in an Alliance for 24 hours before you gain access to the Realm Point buff /a upgrade
  • You are now able to Shift Left-Click repair scrolls in the Science /shop to purchase a stack!

  • Mitigated an issue where the Dead Zone compass only pointed to one Super Nether Fortress
  • Mitigated an issue where the kill message for Adventure Bosses showed the incorrect percentage killed when it's health regenerated
  • Mitigated an issue where the Selfie Stick wasn't always giving a chance to multi-kill spawner mobs

35% OFF Sale
Another week, another awesome update, another weekend of the grind for you all - so we're giving you an outstanding 35% OFF across the whole of the server store. Head on over there now while it's available!


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Mar 29, 2019
Minecraft IGN
love the update and that eye`s are in the lootbox hope it will help more players then just the top islands <3
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