Patch Notes (v5.9): Amulets, Belts, Cosmo-Slot Bot Creditshop!

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

What another amazing week we've had! That 2x Island EXP last weekend saw some mad boosts to so many islands- you all seem to have taken huge advantage of it to the MAX! We got our first /is level 55 island this week, as well- Scanepals really do be on top! Well, the seasons far from over, and with that, we have another jam-packed week of updates for you!

Amulets, Belts, and Armor Sockets
Slot Bot Credit Shop
New Custom Recipe: Mint Chocolate Cookie Dough
Permission Block Updates
Cosmic Client Shading
Cocoa Bean Auto Replant
Slot Bot Updates
[ah] Listings
QoL and Bug Fixes
35% OFF Sale
Amulets, Belts, and Armor Sockets
These amazing pieces are more than your typical item skins. In order to even apply them you will first need to have applied an amulet/belt socket for the proper piece. Amulets will only apply to the Chestplates, while Belts will only apply to Leggings. Keep your eyes peeled as these skins may also obtain some amazing abilities!


  • The "Amulet of Angels"
    • Immune to Trap and Potion Block
      • -5% Incoming damage
      • Can only be applied to a chestplate that has an available Amulet Socket
  • 40K Gold Chain
    • +5% /sell prices
      • +50% /adventure mob $
      • Can only be applied to a chestplate that has an available Amulet Socket

  • Divine Sash
    • +4 Max HP
      • Can only be applied to leggings that have an available Belt Socket
  • Gucci Belt
    • Immune to Anti Gank
      • Immune to Slowness
      • Can only be applied to leggings that have an available Belt Socket

Armor Socket Expanders
Get ready for a whole new world of set building! This week you will have the ability to obtain these amazing new Sockets which will help to transform any set into a future beast!

Armor Sockets are consumable items that are designed specifically for certain pieces of gear! Once the Socket has been applied to the armor, the /itemskins can be added and removed as usual.

Armor Socket: Amulet

  • This Socket allows Amulets to be applied to the Chestplate it is applied to
  • Simply drag and drop the Amulet Expander onto the chestplate that you wish to apply to
    • NOTE: This Socket is specifically applicable to only Chestplates
Armor Socket: Belt

  • This socket allows Belts to be applied to the Leggings it is applied to
  • Simply drag and drop the Belt Expander onto the leggings that you wish to apply to
    • NOTE: This Socket is specifically applicable to only Leggings

/itemskin GUI Update
The /itemskin GUI has been updated to include categories!

Slot Bot Credit Shop
The Slot /bot is all about giving, and this new feature gives you even more! Similar to the black market auction, there will be a unique item that will change every 6 hours! This item can only be purchased with Cosmo-Slot Credits you accrue by using the /bot!

Every Slot /bot ticket that you use gives you 1 credit towards your Cosmo-Slot Credits! The more tickets you use, the more Credits you earn, the more special treasures you can purchase! These OP items will change as the map progresses and include Ranks, Lootboxs, Pets and much more!
  • There will be a message broadcast in the chat when the /slot credit shop is restocked.
  • The number of credits you have is displayed in the lore of the /slot credit shop
  • The number of items purchased during that restock will be displayed in the lore of the item in /slot
  • Some items will have a limited stock, and are first come first serve!
  • You CANNOT accrue more than 250 credits at any given time! So be sure to spend your credits often!
  • Slot Bot Credits DO reset when the map resets

New Custom Recipe: Mint Chocolate Cookie Dough
We have a yummy treat install for you this time: it's not just cookie dough; it's Mint Chocolate Cookie Dough!
  • Sell Price: $1,500,000
  • You can craft Mint Chocolate Cookie Dough with:
    • 50x Cocoa Beans
    • 16x Emerald
    • 10x Sugar Cookie

Permission Block Updates
You will now be able to access an /is members and /is officers rank to a permission block.

  • When you access a rank to a permission block, that rank and above will have access
    • i.e. if you access Member, Officers will also have access
  • Individual players who are added to the permission block will also be affected by the toggles
    • This allows you to have specific trusted members ASWELL as trusted roles such as Officer
  • Co-leaders will still continue to bypass permission blocks allowing them to interact freely within the region, as they are seen to have the same permissions as leaders
The layout of the permission block menu has also been slightly altered.
  • Both Safe PvP and Access Fee have been moved to the top left, so that they are separated from the toggles for easier access!

Cosmic Client Shading
That's right! This week we are introducing a way to visibly distinguish between stone, iron and diamond enchants for books AND gems! Each armor tier will have its own color which reflects the color of the adventure it is tied to.
  • Stone Enchants -> White
  • Iron Enchants -> Light Blue
  • Diamond Enchants -> Yellow
  • Universal Enchants -> Purple

The Cosmic Client is required to view this shading and can be downloaded here!

Cocoa Bean Auto Replant
It's been something that you all have been asking for, and here we go! As a part of the third /is upgrade for Auto Replant with Melons and Pumpkins, once unlocked and Cocoa Beans have fully grown, when you harvest them they will auto replant!

Also, the /sell price of Cocoa Beans has been increased an ENORMOUS $500/ea, up from $90/ea!

Lootbox: Demi God *5 items!*

Slot Bot Updates
Today we've removed
  • Lootbox: Ender Islands
  • Random Nether Spawner
  • Nether Armor Generator
And we've added
  • Lootbox: Demi God
  • Nether Armor Godset Generator
  • Hot Line Bling
  • Buckle Up
  • Mint Chocolate Cookie Dough Recipe

[ah] Listings
We brought in the ability to search the /ah by player name, and now when you have items for auction it's that much easier for you to be able to show your wares off! Start making that easy cash!
  • Simply type [ah] in chat and it will link to your /ah <IGN>!
  • These listings will be put into Ad chat!

QoL and Bug Fixes
  • Endermen will no longer try and teleport on hit
  • New /is skill items have been added to /filter
  • You will now be able to /is sethome on your ender islands to change the spawn in location
    • Note: This will NOT delete your main island /is home
  • Mitigated an issue where your armor would hot-swap instead of fixing at the Iron Outpost
    • Shift while holding the armor in your hand, when using the /fix sign!
  • Mitigated an issue where you were able to gen obsidian outside your island radius
  • Engineer pets will now be able to be used on Auto Bundle Bots
  • Mitigated an issue where golden apples would give extra hearts after the use of a mama bear pet
  • Farmer Bob will no longer destroy Cocoa Beans on use
  • Mitigated an issue where items would disappear when teleporting if your filter was toggled on
  • The "Harvest Fully Grown Crops" permission block toggle will now allow cocoa beans to be harvested
  • /toggle 27 will no longer toggle itself on when you transfer server
35% OFF Sale
Another week, another awesome update, another weekend of the grind for you all - so we're giving you an outstanding 35% OFF across the whole of the server store. Head on over there now while it's available!


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Mar 29, 2019
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gg i think. to bad theres no other way added for ender eyes tho so atleast more people this season get to experience the ender island on there own island
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