Patch Notes (v6.0.1): 2x /sell, /adventure updates, Lootbox: Quarantine

Greetings Cosmonauts!

Just a quick one from us today- you're all absolutely killing it and I don't want to take up too much of your time... especially with what we're giving you today!

2x /sell Event
New /adventure Updates
3x Lootbox: Quarantine
Slot Bot Changes
Ping Allies Sound Toggle
QoL and Bugfixes

2x /sell Event
Once this post has released there will be 24 hours of 2x /sell! Keep up with that hard grind!

New /adventure Updates
Following on from feedback that we've received regarding Adventures 2.0 we have hot-fixed some key issues since release!

  • Bandit Camp AP required for a chest to spawn has been reduced from 100 to 50!
  • Plaguelands AP required for a chest to spawn has been reduced from 100 to 75!
  • The number of Elites spawning has been dramatically reduced
    • Elites no longer spawn in AP Zones 1 and 2 (including Lawful Zone)
    • Elites spawn a LOT less in the PvP Zone
    • The Elite spawn chance has been halved in Chaotic Zones
Additionally, there were some concerns about the number of hits required to kill an Elite. This was due to their armor values, which has also been resolved
  • We have reduced the amount of armor that Elites have overall
  • We have reduced the amount of damage Stone Weapons do to Elites, as that was unbalanced in the higher tiered adventures
We really appreciate the feedback from the new /adventures and are addressing issues as soon as possible when they are brought up.

3x Lootbox: Quarantine
Due to the popularity of the Lootbox: Quarantine and how hungry you are all for it, we have decided to add the 3x Lootbox: Quarantine bundle to the server store to satisfy all of your needs!

Don't forget, on purchase of the 3x bundle you also get the Corona Prevention Kit for FREE! Grab it while you can!

NOTE: If you have already purchased the $250 Gift Card this does NOT count towards the purchase limit of Lootboxes!
Slot Bot Changes
Today we've ADDED:
  • Explorer Lucky Block
  • Plaguelands Adventure Map
and we've also REMOVED:
  • Random Money Note
  • Random Iron Nodes
  • Custom Recipe Page (Bandit Camp)

Ping Allies Sound Toggle
We hear you, just as much as you heard the Ping Allies noise! So we've gone ahead and added a toggle so that you can turn it off!

  • Just Right-Shift to access the CosmicClient menu
  • Click on the Settings cog
  • Scroll down to Ping Allies
  • Un-check the box if you do NOT want the sound!

QoL and Bugfixes
  • Slot /bot credit shop now clearly states that the maximum amount of credits at one time is capped at 250
  • The Deadzone Portal Reset in the /events HUD will no longer show until the Deadzone has been unlocked through /fund
  • Updated the /lottery player role to correctly show /jackpot, and reduced confusion by showing -5%, rather than 5%
  • Updated /challenges to correctly show the new names for Adventures
  • The ability to craft Snow Blocks with Snowballs (Slot Bot Scraps) has been blocked
  • Mitigated an issue in /br when attempting to hot-swap/right-click to apply armor would be blocked by /role requirement (you could still click to wear the armor)
  • Mitigated an issue with Sell Leather quest not completing as required
  • Mitigated an issue where kills for the Player Kill Quest were not tracking correctly
  • Mitigated an issue where Island EXP for the appropriate /quest was not tracking correctly
  • Mitigated an issue where if you did NOT have the custom recipe unlocked, if you tried to craft the item the progress would still count


Mar 22, 2020
Minecraft IGN
I’ve found a recent bug with adventures and the chest system, if it isn’t your chest you can break it before the person and get all the loot. If you can get this fixed before it gets abused then that would be ideal. thank you
Nov 21, 2018
Minecraft IGN
Do i need original MC to play on this server ? :c
thanks for any answer
You can play the server on vanilla 1.8.9 and 1.12.2 but its recommended to play on the cosmic client to get all the features like Battle Royale, Skywars, item skins and a whole range cool features