Patch Notes (v6.0) CosmicSky: ODYSSEY

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CosmicSky Map #6 "Odyssey"
Map #6 SOTW: Friday, 20th March 2020 at 2pm CST / 7pm GMT / 5am AEST (Saturday)
(if your timezone isn't shown, please use the times above to convert them to your timezone here)

Greetings Cosmonauts!

The time has come for what you've all been waiting for - the juicy details that will leave you all even MORE desperate for tomorrow to roll around faster... Don't worry, just like Christmas, it'll be here sooner than you think!
Adventures 2.0
Player Quests
Meta Shuffle
New Maps
New /roles
/is level 60
The Abyss
Cosmic Client
/is chest
QoL and Bug Fixes

Adventures 2.0
We hear you, purple glass just didn't cut it - so, how about a complete rework including new maps, a new mob system, a new way to get loot? Adventures have had a complete rework, and they aren't as you will remember them- so much has changed that they have new names too!

We want to make adventures more friendly for EVERYONE- something that isn't as grind-y as they once were. You will be able to constantly be killing mobs and seeing the rewards for labor that much quicker!
  • Abandoned Ruins -> Bandit Camp
  • Lost Wasteland -> Plaguelands
  • Demonic Realm -> Dark Portal
Adventures are now also only accessible when you are on the CosmicClient!

New Maps
The way that the maps are laid out has been completely changed
  • You will now spawn into the CENTER of the adventure- this is a SAFE ZONE
  • You will need to travel to the edge of the map to find the harder mobs and the better loot
  • The 4 corners of the map are now the Chaotic-only Zone
  • On the CosmicClient you will see awesome HD maps of the new Adventures so you can keep track of where you are, and what zone you're heading into too!
    • Just press M

Adventure Zones
The alignment system is still in play with the adventures, but we have added some additional zone-based restrictions to PvP!

Adventure Points
We do not have static chests anymore- you have to kill enough mobs to have a chest spawn on you with loot! Each mob has a set amount of Adventure Points (AP) that it will give you on its death.

  • Mobs have had their health and their damage modified based on the amount of AP they are worth
    • Mobs closest to the spawn of the adventure will be quite easy to kill, and VERY plentiful
    • Due to this, the amount of money that mobs dropped has been reduced
  • The AP is given to the player that deals the most damage to the mob
  • Elites that spawn in the relevant AP area will have the same AP as the mobs that they spawn with
  • When you leave the adventure or log out, your AP will reset
Additional Information
  • Bosses have a chance to spawn in any of the 4 corners of the adventure
    • A notification will still appear in chat notifying you of the coordinates that it has spawned at
  • Elites will now spawn more commonly in all adventures
    • The Elite loottables has also been updated to remove the chance of getting unrefined gold scraps, and instead replaced with the chance to get Gold Resource Fragments
  • The Chaotic timer has been reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes
    • This will increase by 5 minutes for every Lawful player you kill
  • Mob leash range has been increased
    • The further from spawn you are, the further the mobs are able to chase you!

Player Quests
Quests are probably one of the old and most persistently requested ideas from you guys - and we're bringing them to you this map! Daily and Weekly quests which cover pretty much anything and everything in the game that we have right now!

These quests will encompass almost everything that you can think of when it comes to CosmicSky, such as:
  • Planting or breaking crops
  • Slaying mobs
  • Capturing LMS
  • Killing adventure mobs
  • Winning jackpot
  • And many, many more...
You can easily keep track of your progress for your quests
  • A RED pane shows that you have not started this quest
  • A YELLOW pane shows that you are making progress through this quest
  • A GREEN pane shows that you have completed this quest- Congratulations!
Daily Quests
Here's a little something that you can do every day to keep you busy!
  • The number of quests you get per day depends on your rank
    • Default
      • 3 quests per day
    • Rank 1 - 4
      • 4 quests per day
    • Rank 5
      • 5 quests per day
  • Daily quests reset every day at 2am CST
Weekly Quests
Sometimes we need to play the long game... weekly quests do just that!
  • You will get half as many weekly quests as daily quests
    • These quests are more difficult versions of the Daily Quests - but will earn you more Quest Points!
  • Weekly quests reset at 2am CST, Friday
Quest Points
For each quest you complete, you will receive a number of Quest Points dependent on the difficulty of the quest.

  • You can keep track of these quests by doing /quests and hovering over the book at the end of the GUI
  • Each Quest Season lasts 1 MONTH
    • At the end of that month, your quest points and monthly quest rewards will be reset
    • You will then be able to complete new quests and start earning different loot!
Monthly Quest Rewards
As you gain Quest Points, you will gain access to 10 different reward tiers - these can be Slot Bot Scraps or an awesome lootbox with OP, exclusive items inside!

  • When you hit the threshold for each of the rewards, you will be able to claim it
    • Simply click on the book and click the reward you have unlocked!

Meta Shuffle
At the beginning of Map #4, we did a huge economical change. For Map #6, we have scoured each and every single pet, mask, item /skin, and enchantments. This should bring a thoroughly more balanced and holistic experience for everyone. There will be fewer outliers- and, especially in the case of enchantments, a much less "cookie-cutter" approach when making sets, which I know was something that a lot of you requested.

Enchantment Audit
As mentioned in the post last week, we have looked heavily into the current way that PvP is on CosmicSky - and in the majority, the way that the enchants are in relation to each other, based on a lot of feedback from you guys in the community!

The following enchants have received changes to their balancing:
  • Anti Gank
  • Leadership
  • Rot n Decay
  • Guardians
  • Infectious
  • Mob Aura
  • Lifesteal
  • Execute
  • Armor Rot
  • Bleed
  • Silence
  • Deathbringer
  • Surgical Saw
  • Vengeance
  • Rage
As always, we really appreciate your feedback - especially when it comes to areas like PvP and would love to hear what you think about these changes!

We've made a number of changes to Masks overall, as below:
  • Bandit Mask
    • 2x Mob Loot, +150% Elite/Boss DMG (ADV-1) -> 1.5x AP, 1.25x DMG in Bandit Camp
  • Plague Mask
    • 2x Mob Loot, +150% Elite/Boss DMG (ADV-2) -> 1.5x AP, 1.25x DMG in Plagelands
  • Demonic Mask
    • 2x Mob Loot, +150% Elite/Boss DMG (ADV-3) -> 1.5x AP, 1.25x DMG in Dark Portals
  • Assassin Mask
    • +7.5% Outgoing DMG, +4% Passive Dodge -> +5% Outgoing DMG, +2% Passive Dodge
  • Fatty Mask
    • +2 Hearts -> +4 HP, 75% chance to negate Pet Leashes
  • Armored Mask
    • -10% Incoming DMG -> -7.5% Incoming DMG
  • Farmer Mask
    • +10% Custom Recipe / Farmables Sell price, +5% Island XP on harvest -> +5% Custom Recipe / Farmables sell price, +10% Island XP on harvest
  • Doctor Mask
    • Immune to Injury and Surgical Saw -> -1 Injury Stack per 2s, 50% enemy Surgical Saw DMG
  • Monster Slayer Mask
    • 2x DMG to Island Mobs, 1.25x XP, +10% Island EXP, +10% Spawner Shard Drops -> 1.5x DMG to Island Mobs, 110% XP, +5% Island XP, +10% Spawner Shard Drops
  • Warlord Mask
    • 50% Chance to Negate Pet Leashes -> Reflect 50% of Anti Gank DMG on enemy
  • Pennywise Mask
    • +10% PvP DMG, Speed I, No Fall Damage, Endless Fear Passive Ability -> +5% PvP DMG, No Fall Damage, Endless Fear Passive Ability
  • Honeymoon Mask
    • 2x /is skill contributions -> 1.5 /is skill contributions
  • Odyssey Mask (previously Infinity Mask)
    • +7.5% /sell prices, 1.1x Mob XP -> +5% /sell prices, +2.5% Island XP

These have also been updated this map to make them more relevant and useful!
  • Loot Llama
    • Removed maps fragments if the player has already unlocked the adventure tier
  • Farmer Bob
    • Added +5-10% /is farming Island XP for 60-90s, dependant on level
  • Battle Pig
    • +50% Increased DMG, -55% Incoming DMG -> +25% incr DMG, -20% incoming DMG
  • Miner Matt
    • Added 3 new levels for Obsidian, Nether Quartz and Emerald. Added +5-10% /is mining Island XP for 60-120s, dependant on level
  • Slayer Sam
    • Added 3 new levels for Ghast and Enderman
  • Chaos Cow
    • +50% Increased DMG, -55% Incoming DMG -> +25% incr DMG, -20% incoming DMG
  • Blacksmith Brandon
    • Added 1 new level for Nether Armor
  • XP Bunny
    • Added a 2% * level Island XP boost for the same duration as the Mob XP Boost
  • Unbreaking Golem
    • Chance for held item to not take durability while this pet is in your hot bar -> Next Enchantment Gem applied break chance -2%+(level/2)
  • King Midas
    • Removed Unrefined Gold Scraps, Added a chance for Gold Resource Fragment
  • Alchemist Alex
    • Removed Strength II
  • Blood Sheep
    • +50% Increased DMG, -55% Incoming DMG -> +25% incr DMG, -20% incoming DMG
  • Merchant
    • Added 4 new levels, Changed % /sell boost from +25-37.5% -> +5-15%
  • Shockwave Slime
    • Increased knockback power, scaling with level, Added freeze to players on use
  • Evil Snowman
    • Increased freeze time, scaling with level, Added ability to silence affected enemy player for 2x freeze duration
  • Dire Wolf
    • Reduced killed mobs per level from 2x-8x -> 2x-5x
  • Mama Bear
    • Decreased the duration that you have held the absorption hearts for from 30s-50s -> 10s-30s
  • Enderman Assassin
    • Removed Strength II, Added Resistance I (5s)
  • Undertaker
    • Increased global cooldown between uses from 10s -> 45s
  • Cupid
    • Reduced the Island XP from 1.25x-2x -> 1.1x-1.3x, dependant on level
Item /skins
There were a number of concerns with certain Item /skins last map, so we've made sure to assess all and make changes that will better reflect the other enchantment and pet changes!
  • Flaming Halo
    • +10% Island XP -> +5% Island XP
  • Cupid's Crown
    • Immune to Blindness -> Immune to Blindness, Negate 50% of enemy Lifesteals
  • Chad's Sunglasses
    • Deal 150% DMG to Adventure mobs -> Deal 125% DMG to /adventure mobs
  • Corrupt Cosmonaut Visor
    • 25% chance for 2x /is skill contributions -> 20% chance for 2x /is skill progression
  • Koala
    • Added +2 Max HP
  • 40k Gold Chain
    • +5% /sell price, 150% /adventure mob $ -> +4% /sell price, +20% /adventure mob $
  • Amulet of Angels
    • Immune to Trap, Potion Block, -5% Incoming DMG -> -40% enemy Trap, Potion Block durations, -4% Incoming DMG
  • Amulet of Corruption
    • +3s combat timer on enemies on hit -> -75% enemy Silence durations, +4% Outgoing DMG
  • Gucci Belt
    • Immune to Anti Gank, Slowness -> -33% enemy Anti Gank damage, -50% Slowness durations
  • Power Belt
    • 110% Outgoing DMG to non-players, +20% spawner drops, +15% spawner shard drops -> Chance to damage nearby enemies when you take damage
  • Corrupt Greatsword
    • +20% Island XP from Slaying -> Immune to 50% of enemy Silences
  • Meat Cleaver Axe
    • Added Silence II
  • Corrupt Greataxe
    • 50% chance for mobs to count 2x towards dead chest -> 25% chance for mobs to count 2x towards Dead Chest

Realm Armor
With the introduction of /roles, the Realm Armor that you could purchase was slightly lacking. So we've gone ahead and made some improvements to that as well!

Dwarf Mine Armor Set
Added +X% outgoing DMG to all armor pieces, at half the current -% Incoming DMG

Enchanted Forest Armor Set
Added 2x the Dodge % as +% Outgoing DMG

  • Bandit Assault Armor Set has been removed
  • The Haunted Maze /realm has been removed from the /realm list! I wonder what could be happening to it... ?

New Maps
We're officially out of winter- so to coincide with the new Adventure maps that we have, we also have a beautiful new /hub and /spawn!

  • The /hubs boast amazing parkour to sate your appetite while waiting for the server to open, or reboot
  • The /spawn is now a lot more open-planned, with all the key areas that players need immediately accessible!
    • We've also introduced the BEST place to hang out - the CLUB! Legend has it that it has special powers...
New /roles
Player roles have been extremely popular, and you guys certainly love them and have had a lot of your own suggestions, which we've included with these updates!

The first thing you'll notice is that there is a much cleaner looking GUI! Each of the individual areas has its own section, which once clicked, can be expanded to all the /roles that they hold!

New Roles
We have added some new /roles to the current, existing ones - and a whole brand new category as well!

Explorer /role Category
A whole new category which encompasses all the additional areas of CosmicSky that needed some /role love

  • Quester
    • Additional Quest $ rewards
    • Additional Quest points
    • An additional QUEST!
  • Realm Traveler
    • Additional /realm points
    • Additional /realm time
  • Wildcard
    • 5% /lottery cost
    • -25% /cf tax
    • -10% /kit cooldown
    • 5% /slot bot double spin
  • Experienced
    • Additional Island XP gain
  • Adventurer
    • Additional Adventure Points
    • Additional Mob DMG
    • Additional Adventure loot
    • BETTER Adventure loot
Updates to current /role categories!
We've added some extra areas to the existing roles where they needed a little boost, and made changes in others!
  • Miner -> Gold Digger

  • Warrior -> Nether Conquest

  • Warrior -> Chain Mastery, Iron Mastery, Diamond Mastery, Nether Mastery
    • Based on feedback from the community we have added in /roles to equip the different tiers of armor!
  • Blacksmith -> Chain Forging, Iron Forging, Diamond Forging, Nether Forging
    • We have an additional 3 levels to each of these categories
    • The -/+ Incoming/Outgoing damage modifiers have been shared over these new levels and the existing ones
    • There is now a chance to craft 3 sockets at the highest level!
  • Farmer
    • Cocoa Beans now have their own section!
      • They will still require the max level of the previous crops to be able to unlock!

New Player Level Costs (/level 60-99)
After some discussion and research, we concluded that the later /levelup costs were slightly too easy- we completely underestimated how beast you guys are at earning money!

Due to this, the /level 60-99 has been increased in price to better reflect the stage the economy is at when players start to hit those later levels.

You will also be able to see on hover over in /player top at what day in the map you achieved the most recent /level!

/is level 60
It was an extremely close race for who was on top for Map #5- but who will reign supreme for Map #6? The /is levels being raised to 55 was yet another area that you guys completely surpassed our expectations. You SMASHED THAT! So, here's another 5 more - giving a total of 60 /is levels!

We've also added a timestamp to show what day of the map you achieved each /is level!

/is level 45-60 changes
Due to the additional levels, the amount of Island XP needed for the last and newest 5 has been added, but we've also shuffled the amount of Island XP needed for /is level 45-50
  • /is level 45 - 750,000,000 -> 600,000,000
  • /is level 46 - 1,000,000,000 -> 700,000,000
  • /is level 47 - 2,000,000,000 -> 800,000,000
  • /is level 48 - 3,000,000,000 -> 900,000,000
  • /is level 49 - 4.000,000,000 -> 1,000,000,000
  • /is level 50 - 5,000,000,000 -> 2,500,000,000
  • /is level 51 - 7,500,000,000 -> 10,000,000,000
  • /is level 52 - 10,000,000,000 -> 15,000,000,000
  • /is level 53 - 12,000,000,000 -> 20,000,000,000
  • /is level 54 - 15,000,000,000 -> 25,000,000,000
  • /is level 55 - 20,000,000,000 -> 30,000,000,000
  • /is level 56 - 35,000,000,000
  • /is level 57 - 40,000,000,000
  • /is level 58 - 45,000,000,000
  • /is level 59 - 50,000,000,000
  • /is level 60 - 75,000,000,000

/is upgrade
With the new levels, and the new content, we had already added some awesome new /is upgrades to compliment it. However, we've given those a slight little tweak as well as adding some new ones in!

  • The base Island EXP for Ender Islands has been reduced from 5x -> 2x
    • The maximum amount of additional Island EXP that you can upgrade to has been reduced to 5x
  • Auto Bot Island EXP and Resource Node Fragments will work on your main island AND your Ender Islands
NOTE: You now require Co-Leader+ on an Island to be able to purchase /is upgrades!

The Abyss
The Abyss holds more deep and dark secrets than you could ever imagine... More details to be released very soon!

CosmicClient Requirements
A fair environment is something that we like to encourage for all players, and doubly more so when it comes to PvP. Previously, just Battle Royale and Skywars were CosmicClient only - however, from Map #6 this will be expanded to all of the PvP areas.
  • Adventures
  • KOTH
  • LMS
  • Outposts
If you are NOT on the CosmicClient, unfortunately, you will not be able to access those areas- so head along and get that downloaded if you haven't already! Not to mention, you have the amazing perks of Emotes and Item /skins!

Ping Allies
We all know that when you're PvPing it can be infuriating to ask where your teammate is, to just be told "BY THE HILL!". I mean, where even is the hill? With Ping Allies you'll be able to ping your position so that your Alliance and allies will be able to come and assist you in your time of need when you're getting your butt kicked!

To be able to access this feature, open your CosmicClient menu (using right-shift), head into Settings and turn Ping Allies ON
  • You are able to change the default key of this in your Escape -> Controls -> Ping Allies (it is set as default to F)
  • Ping away!

/is chest
Another cool idea that has been floating about the Suggestions forum a few times is the ability to have an Island Chest! Somewhere that you can store some key items to share with your /is members!

The top row is access for ALL members, and the bottom row is access for just Officers and above. Please note, any item you are putting into the /is chest, you are doing so on the understanding that any of those ranks will be able to take out whenever they want. If you do NOT want this sort of access for certain items, please continue to use a chest with a permission block specifically allowing certain members.

You are limited with what you are able to put into the /is chest:
  • Pets
  • Masks (without the helmet)
  • Item /skins
  • Weapons
  • Pickaxes

QoL and Bug Fixes
  • The /is EXP value for Cocoa Beans has been increased 4x from 200 to 800!
  • /realm portals and /is portals will now be placed in the direction that you are facing! You are no longer limited to then just being able to be placed facing East to West!
  • To bring back some more utility to the Auto Bundle Bot, the ability to stack notes into larger ones has been removed!
  • /is top value now includes the balance of the Island Leader!
    • Based on initial community feedback - we are removing this planned update and will be revisiting how best to overhaul our late game /is top calculations. To be clear: /balance will NOT be included in /is top calculations.
    • We are still working on how /is top is calculated and will be bringing more updates to this in the future!
  • Mitigated an issue where, if your Farmer role was 100%, on chat hover over it would show as 89.13%!

Welcome back to our very own Rob (Woofless), and welcome to the new guys Joshy and BeckBroJack! Now, they're pretty new to this whole Skyblock thing, so be gentle on them! I know you'll give them as much of a warm welcome as we are!
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Aug 1, 2019
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Oof all of this sounds good, I haven't played in a while, but I know custom enchants are balanced and it is not like on cosmicpvp as that server is so trash because of it, lots of people enjoy, but I don't. I am excited for tonight... I started in first season and I have enjoyed it so much, I hope it is as good or even better than before.

Just please don`t make op server where u can get everything really quickly, we community want a ******* grind, not ******* p2w, atleast don`t go out so ******* crazy on those crates. Imagine this right, people would p2w even if it gives tiny boost on the grindy server, so you all doing it wrong, just don't ruin the ******* grind.
they are making it accessible to whales like legendary and any_random, any game/server tries to cater for a certain type of whale for income. simple marketing, the /is top/bal value they announced and quickly retracted proves that they have no idea what they are doing in terms of balancing the game tho


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Nov 21, 2018
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@LDram still waiting on that change to officers being able to buy is upgrades
You know that feeling where you KNOW you're missing something but you can't put your finger on it? THAT WAS IT

I've edited the post to reflect that too because that feature was changed days ago to be Co-Leader+!

Appreciate the reminder though, for just one little line- it's huge!


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Nov 22, 2018
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You know that feeling where you KNOW you're missing something but you can't put your finger on it? THAT WAS IT

I've edited the post to reflect that too because that feature was changed days ago to be Co-Leader+!

Appreciate the reminder though, for just one little line- it's huge!
Xdxdxdxd my pleasure haha


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Nov 22, 2018
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I'm sure prisons gets just as much love lol. Today there was a call in discord of like 70 players and 10 staff members with a few admins, something that doesn't happen for sky often.
And what exactly do you think will come from that call? Nothing. It's happened before.
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