PSA: Keep your account safe!

Greetings Cosmonauts

We've been hearing rumors that “session tokens” are being used to compromise accounts.

Session tokens are located in your “latest log” as well as other locations and players hoping to compromise an account will often make any excuse for you to voluntarily show it to them, such as asking to see your “latest.log”.

Example: You're about to do a trade and the player says "I need to see your logs to make sure you're not messaging someone that you're going to scam me". Consider it a scam and attempt to compromise your acct.

Players should note:
  • Do NOT show your Latest.log to any individual especially when “confirming a deal”
  • Do NOT share your minecraft/Cosmic Client files with another individual
  • Do NOT share anything with your session token in it to another individual
Players are once again STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to have 2fa or 2 Step Verification active on ANY of our servers.

If you are unsure how to activate /2fa on our servers you can follow these basic step by step instructions (note we recommend using Authy as your authentication app, as well setting up a Master Password and activating the Windows Authy app)

Remember: In ANY situation where your IP changes (such as if your account get’s compromised) your /2fa will prevent that individual from accessing any active planet, and they will be unable to even move/type in the hubs.



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Nov 22, 2018
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Definatly set up a 2fa to keep your stuff safe guys and just dont give any personal info(if people are asking screenshot and send it to an admin on the forums idk if they will ban them but if lots of people are getting asked by the same person it will get suspicious

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