Purchasing Emotes? Let's talk

Is Cosmic money hungry?

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May 20, 2019
Minecraft IGN
My group [Me Ruku Montana] haven't spent a single penny on the server, we're all rank 5 and we're baltop 1 2 and 3, and our pvs have 100m+ worth of items. just grind its not hard @RukuXD


Closed Beta Tester
Nov 24, 2018
Minecraft IGN
I’m surprised out of everything that was added that you’ve had a problem with the emotes that have no effect on the game and don’t alter gameplay whatsoever.
The emotes are just a part of the problem, I don't see the need to sell them. Should give everyone all the emotes just by ha But this whole "Patch" is dumb. There's no need to have 2 Lootboxes in 3 Days to "ruin" the economy. I don't mind the weekly lootbox, helps the new people by lowering the prices for 3 days or so.

I mainly have a problem with the 2nd Lootbox. Trash or not it's still economy changing, it also gives 7 items instead of 5 this specific one.
I know I don't make this to be my main problem and that I did over-exaggerate the emotes.


Closed Beta Tester
Dec 2, 2018
Minecraft IGN
Honestly think of it this way like disguised on factions their is no big advantage on having them and they are sold so what’s the deal with you complaining about dancing I could even tell you that this idea wasn’t from the cosmic staff it was from an associate