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Gertius Sir i do not know how to put a image on the drop box for a receipt and i was wondering if you could add me on disc and you could tell me Smartanimal#8599
Hello can you help me out so I done you 2fa tutorial got my codes and when I typed them all none worked I thing I put a space or done something wrong can you help me out
what is level do you need to be to be able to place dispensers?Forgot...
Im pretty sure its is level 3 when you can place redstone at least i placed them early on and also if you need help from admins or helpers go into the team speak or ask in chat in game alot of people will tell you
Hello. I just went on cosmic sky and i was breaking my potatoes then somehow i got banned. Please help i've done nothing and i got banned?!? I was breaking them very quickly is there something wrong with that?
I got banned for shiva what is shiva
I looked up what shiva was and it said it was a shovel but I had no shovel on me
Shiva is a auto cheat detecting system. Go into TeamSpeak and wait in the Shiva Ban Appeal lobby. They will message you with the out come of there investigation into your ban. Good luck.